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Saving Clark Slough

For A Better Environment

Open Space

Marina Center will fund a multi-million dollar restoration and ongoing protection of a coastal wetlands preserve. Covering nearly a third of the total Balloon Track acreage, the environmental preserve will include restoration of a major portion of the historic Clark Slough wetlands. The initiative will add to Eureka�s public access open space and will restore the area to a natural condition it has not known for more than 100 years.

�Through increased familiarity with the condition of the Balloon Track, our awareness has improved concerning the level of ecological damage and abuse this parcel has endured,� stated Randy Gans, Security National Properties Vice President. �We�ve listened to the city council and the community and recognize the importance of restoring and preserving open space and specifically, coastal wetlands habitat.

�The Marina Center places a huge emphasis on wetlands habitat restoration, taking the environmental component to an entirely new level. It�s the right thing to do,� continued Mr. Gans.

Egret in flight

The effort will remove exotic, non-native vegetation (and a significant amount of trash and debris) currently dominating the wetlands and adjacent Clark Slough channel and replace it with a diverse habitat of coastal marsh vegetation. Restoring the area to historic topographic elevations and replacing non-native vegetation, mostly Phragmites australis, or �common reed,� with native marsh vegetation will promote the return of a wide range of water birds to the site.

Public access to Marina Center�s Clark Slough wetlands habitat (currently prohibited by law) will include a perimeter walkway or boardwalk with a kiosk and interpretive signage at vantage points along the path with opportunities to see wildlife or examples of native plants. This pedestrian trail will connect with a pedestrian/bike trail along the existing railroad right of way, which will in turn connect Marina Center with downtown Eureka.

�This project provides a rare opportunity to restore and preserve a significant portion of one of the historic tributaries to Humboldt Bay and Pacific Coast wetlands habitat,� said Terry Huffman, wetlands scientist and president of the Huffman-Broadway Group.

Protective environmental buffers will also be a key component of the Clark Slough preservation initiative. These open spaces will surround the Clark Slough wetlands and be planted with native trees and plants to provide protective screening for native wildlife on the site.

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