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The Issues

A new urban-infill mixed-use development on a large parcel of land in a small city of course raises questions about increased traffic and potential bottlenecks.

To accommodate additional traffic in Eureka and to ensure proper traffic flow into and out of Marina Center, Security National Properties engaged TKJM Traffic Consultants to predict and analyze traffic flow and propose a solution.

Below is a summary of the current proposed solution produced by TKJM Traffic Consultants, which will also be part of the required Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Marina Center.

The below solution will maintain traffic flow over current conditions in the area surrounding the Balloon Track, even with the increased volume projected for Marina Center.

  • Broadway will be extended all the way to Waterfront Drive. This new access to Waterfront Drive is direct as opposed to the present need to maneuver over to Commercial Street to get to Waterfront Drive from northbound Broadway.
  • New signals will be installed or modified at Broadway and 4th Street, 5th Street and 7th Street. The new signals will provide protected pedestrian crossings of Broadway.
  • The existing streets of the downtown street grid will be extended through the Balloon Track so that it is no longer a barrier between downtown and the waterfront and marina.
  • Both 2nd and 4th Streets will be extended west of Broadway as private streets, and will provide pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access and circulation within Marina Center.
  • 4th Street will also be extended to intersect with Waterfront Drive across from the marina and just north of the Wharfinger Building. Thus, Marina Center will provide direct access to the waterfront.
  • Signalized intersections will be mitigated with strategies such as increased efficiency for left turn phases at signals, additional lanes, extension of the Henderson/Harris one-way couplet to Broadway, and elimination of the northbound Fairfield approach at Broadway and Wabash Street.

7th Street Intersection View
7th Street Intersection View

View From 6th Street Intersection
View From 6th Street Intersection