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Why Marina Center?

Marina Center will transform the environmentally degraded Balloon Track and improve Eureka�s environment, community and economy. Here are a few specific ways Marina Center will be good for the city of Eureka, its residents and the entire North Coast region:

For A Better Environment
  • Marina Center will establish an 11-acre coastal wetland preserve at Clark Slough, resulting in a publicly accessible environmental feature covering nearly a third of the total development.
  • The environmental preserve will include restoration of a major portion of the historic Clark Slough wetlands. The initiative will add to Eureka�s public access open space and will restore the area to a natural condition it has not known for 100 years or more.
  • The development will meet all local, state and federal environmental clean-up standards as it rehabilitates a polluted �brownfield� according to EPA definitions, and do so with private funds -- not taxpayer dollars
For A Better Community
  • Marina Center will transform the Balloon Track area, a long-abandoned eyesore that has become a magnet for drugs, vagrancy and crime.
  • Marina Center will provide an expanded new home for Eureka�s children�s Discovery Museum
  • More than $1.8 million will be generated annually by property and sales taxes for Eureka services including public safety, education and recreation
  • Community access to Marina Center�s Clark Slough wetlands habitat (currently prohibited by law) will include a perimeter walkway or boardwalk with a kiosk and interpretive signage at vantage points along the path pointing out opportunities to see wildlife or examples of native plants. This pedestrian trail will connect with a pedestrian/bike trail along the existing railroad right of way, which will in turn connect Marina Center with downtown Eureka.
For A Better Economy
  • More than 1,000 jobs will be created with Marina Center�s mix of office, retail and light industrial employment opportunities. The project will also create much needed service-sector jobs (such as security, landscaping, janitorial and maintenance, etc.) All of these jobs, in turn, will support other local jobs through the spending of workers' wages.
  • Marina Center will establish new retail and office space for local businesses to expand and stay in Eureka
  • As the development�s anchor retail tenant, The Home Depot will create good-paying jobs with benefits for full and part time employees as the store provides consumers with a new level of product choice and value
  • Development of the Balloon Track will revive it as a contributing and useful part of Eureka, resulting in a boost for the local economy and revitalization of the area south of Old Town.

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Marina Center Site Plan

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